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Welcome to Shraga Arad's artisan jewelry - every piece tailored to one's own personal taste

Shraga is an artisan goldsmith with a rich experience of over thirty years. He designs and manufactures genuine gold and precious stone jewelry with great love.

Shraga is a graduate of Omanit School for Jewelry Design. After years of working in mythological Dizzengof Street. in Tel – Aviv, he moved to Binyamina where he opened a new studio including a space for exhibiting his work and hosting customers. Shraga’s jewelry has been exhibited in several exclusive shops both in Israel and overseas, such as museum shops and boutiques specializing in haute couture.

Shraga and his devoted staff believe first and foremost in providing a pleasant and positive customer service. According to Shraga’s vision, each customer should leave the studio smiling regardless of the purchase and the customer’s budget. This personal attitude is an inseparable part of Shraga’s studio, which enjoys a loyal clientele who repeatedly purchase Shraga’s unique jewelry as well as new customers.

In the studio, customers are encouraged to express their wishes and their own unique personal taste. Moreover, Shraga and his professional staff happily welcome special requests, believing that any piece of jewelry can become a means of self-expression and a personalized item that will be passed on from one generation to the other.

Our Jewelry

Shraga Arad Studio manufactures exclusive handmade jewelry with special attention to design, quality and finishing touches. The wide selection of items is comprised of hundreds of pieces and it is constantly renewed. Among the jewelry pieces one may find engagement and wedding rings, fashionable rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

The gold and silver jewelry are made of high quality raw material. Shraga’s unique designs also include the use of precious stones and semi-precious stones set in the pieces, including diamonds and other high quality stones.

The jewelry collection is partly based on topical series and some are tailored according to personal order.

Shraga’s work is inspired by several ethnic and classical motives. Nature and its wonder also serve as an inspiration to his work.

Lighting and Lamp Shades

Shraga’s unparalleled lightings have been created in recent years out of his love of new materials, curiosity and creativity.

These lightings are similar to Shraga’s line of jewelry and therefore they become lighting jewelry which add to the atmosphere and ambience of any space, whether personal or industrial.

Shraga himself studies the space and creates the lighting according to the specific and special requirements of the customer.

Several materials such as glass and metals are integrated into the lighting, making each item matchless and inimitable.

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