Portfolio 2

  • Oriental Jewelry

    Oriental Jewelry

    ethnic influenced designed jewelry with an Oriental look. Jewelry decorated with engravings and special moldings that guarantee a subtle and…

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  • Gemstone Jewelry

    Gemstone Jewelry

    designed Rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings that combine precious and semi-precious stones in variety of colors, shades, cuts and shapes…

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  • Gold & Glass

    Gold & Glass

    The combination of handmade high-quality Moretti glass beads and our beautifully designed jewelry creates a modern, colorful and happy look…

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  • Pearls


    Delicate jewelry that combine natural semi-precious pearls which gives you a noble, gentle and luxurious look.

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  • Fashion


    Jewelry worn on a daily basis with chic and unique glam. These Jewelry are combined in a variety of high-quality…

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  • Gold & Diamonds

    Gold & Diamonds

    our fine limited edition gold jewelry is designed and manufactured with great care. The gold is set with high quality…

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  • Art & Light

    Art & Light

    Lighting, Judaica and home decorations that combine metal sculptures and handmade glass elements. We use highly quality materials and safe…

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